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Additional Services at Medical Radiation Physics


Acceptance: Purchasing the proper accelerator can be complicated.
Our physicists can assist you in determining that the accelerator you
have chosen meets the manufacturer’s performance specifications.  
Medical Radiation Physics will be happy to consult with you when you
finalize your purchase agreement to ensure that the performance
standards necessary to deliver the most clinically challenging treatments
have been included. We are flexible and will work independently or with
your staff as desired.

Shield Calculations and Shielding Verification: The time to learn about shielding requirements of local and federal regulations and guidelines is BEFORE your linear accelerator vault is built and the linac has been
installed.  Unfortunately, many times the installation occurs without consideration of these regulations, resulting in costly alterations after installation. MRP specializes in providing shielding calculations necessary
to ensure that your vault will provide the required protection for patients, personnel, and the public. We will perform the radiation safety survey,
and prepare a detailed report. We are flexible and will work independently
or with your staff.

Project Consultation: Whether building a new department or just replacing
an old machine, your Radiation Oncology department is important to us.
Some of the most expensive mistakes made in radiation oncology are
made on the drawing board and in the planning phase. MRP will help you
avoid costly design errors. For example, physician proximity to the
accelerator was not an important design feature in the past. But today’s
use of image guidance requires physician participation at the accelerator console multiple times each day. MRP can ensure that your facility design
will meet the needs of today’s clinical practice. Our team’s flexibility allows
us to work independently or with your staff as needed.

Implementation of New Technologies: We can assist your physicians, physicists, and staff with the following: VMAT™/Rapid ARC™, IMRT/IGRT,
and Stereotactic Radiosurgery.

Facility Shielding & Design: Allow MRP to design your shielding, or at
least review the preliminary design you’ve been provided.  You’ll be sure
to get a design that meets your specific needs, both now and in the future.

Accelerator manufacturers provide standard designs that are useful
starting points, but often require significant modification. For example,
every “direct shield” door design we’ve seen a manufacturer recommend
can “leak” radiation at its edges, depending on the door location. MRP
can identify and offer solutions to this problem prior to construction.

Future use is also a concern we address in our evaluations. We recently designed a facility for a client intending to do only IMRT. We pointed
out that changes in future treatment methods may require a higher
energy accelerator. The design being proposed could accommodate a
higher energy accelerator if one change were made. Neutron shielding
would need to be added to the door. With this single modification, the
limited use facility can deliver clinically useful treatments well into the

Whether or not we design the shielding, MRP can determine the effectiveness of the design by making the appropriate radiation measurements outside
your facility immediately after the accelerator is installed. We will provide
you with a detailed survey report documenting compliance with regulatory requirements prior to beginning clinical operations.

Annual Linac Inspection and Calibration Utilizing TG-142:
Since TG-142 replaced TG-40 as the guideline for quality assurance of
medical accelerators, physicists have attempted to update their quality assurance programs to adopt these recommendations.  With the advent
of IMRT, SBRT, IGRT and Respiratory Gating, imaging specifications have
been introduced, mechanical tolerances have become smaller, and beam specifications have become tighter.  Newer accelerators require a considerable amount of oversight compared to their predecessors.  Let us assist you with your annual QA to implement these current standards of practice.

HDR Programs including all PBI applications commercially available: Our team has vast experience in treatment planning and delivery of partial
breast high dose rate brachytherapy.  These PBI techniques include utilizing SAVI®, Contura®, and Mammosite® Multi-Lumen™ applicators.  We can assist
your facility in implementing a new program or provide staff to maintain
an existing system.

4D based treatment planning coupled with 4D daily CBCT for stereotactic lung patients: MRP also has expertise in 4-D image guided based adaptive stereotactic body radiotherapy for thoracic cancers.  One such system utilizes both 4D CT simulation techniques combined with 4D Conebeam CT for daily treatment delivery verification.

The system also utilizes a dual registration technique that allows the patient to be aligned first to their bony anatomy, and then to the time weighted average position of the tumor in the 10 phases of respiration.

Our team is not limited to the 4D approach to treating SBRT lung.  We have expertise in several other techniques of planning and delivery.

Monaco® treatment planning with VMAT™ treatment delivery: MONACO® (ELEKTA CMS software) is a Monte Carlo based treatment planning system
for production of IMRT and VMAT™ treatment plans.  ELEKTA CMS software™ completes the beam model for the customer, using beam data measured
and supplied by the customer.  MRP has measured and supplied the required data for multiple customers.  In addition, MRP has commissioned multiple MONACO® workstations for both IMRT and VMAT™ treatment delivery. 


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