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Commissioning Linear Accelerators

Medical Radiation Physics can commission your new or upgraded linear accelerator quickly.

The process of commissioning a linear accelerator involves making all measurements required to demonstrate the manufacturer’s performance standards are met, as well as collecting all data required to perform
treatment planning coupled with AAPM recommendations.

You only do it once, so it better be done right. Many departments already employ their own physicist, and believe that they can perform this function, and maybe they can. Unfortunately, many times the on-site physicist
already has a full clinical schedule, and does not have the opportunity to perform a commissioning for years. MRP commissions many machines
annually. We have the experience that others do not. We have worked
with every vendor and with every model of linac produced in the last
decade. We bring our own equipment, and will scan to any specification desired.

Additional data can also be provided upon request. We calibrate using
TG-51, and can irradiate your TLD's. We are flexible and will work independently or with your staff.

MRP performs room shielding calculations, acceptance testing, beam
matching between two or more machines, acquisition of clinical beam
data for calculation tables and treatment planning computers, and room shielding surveys.

Key Benefits


Room Shielding Surveys


Commissioning Non Physical Wedges

Medical Radiation Physics can commission your Enhanced Dynamic
Wedge™, Virtual Wedge™
or OmniWedge™ in days, with no break in
your clinical schedule. We use the Wellhofer™ ion chamber array in a water phantom to characterize the wedge angle profiles for a QA baseline and
for entry as needed into your treatment planning software when applicable.
We will generate clinical tables as needed to perform patient MU